Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it beneficial for my daughter to join a sorority?

The women of Alpha Chi Omega believe that the benefits that come with being in a sorority include leadership opportunities, academic support, philanthropic opportunities, life-long friendships, a place to call home away from home, and connections that will last a lifetime. 

Why is it beneficial for my daughter to join Alpha Chi Omega?

Our five membership criteria include Academic Interest, Financial Responsibility, Personal Development, Character, and Leadership Ability, so as members of Alpha Chi Omega, we foster and encourage these qualities.

Are there leadership opportunities for my daughter within this organization?

Yes! As previously listed, one of our five membership criteria is Leadership Ability. We highly encourage that women become involved in leadership opportunities within our organization, as well as any of her other interests on campus. There are a wide variety of options in Alpha Chi Omega, from Community Service Chair to President, and everything in between. We also encourage each woman of Alpha Chi Omega to grow as leaders beyond formal leadership positions.

Is my daughter required to live in the house if she joins this organization?

As members of Alpha Chi Omega, women are required to live in for four semesters, usually their sophomore and junior years. Living in the house is an incredible bonding experience, where many of our members make their longest lasting memories.

How does the cost of being in a sorority compare to living on campus?

For Fall 2018, the price of membership in Alpha Chi Omega for members living out of house will be $1,456 (new members typically do not live in the house). The price of membership will be $3,816 for those living in the house. The price of living in the house includes meals that are cooked by our chef, laundry, and printing. The cost of living at Alpha Chi Omega is very comparable the dorms and other on-campus housing. For fall 2016, the cost of living in a traditional two person room at Ford Hall was $2350 plus $1910 for a 14 meal meal per week plan, for a total of $4260 per semester.

Is hazing something that my daughter should be worried about?

During your daughter’s membership, she will not be asked to do anything that will harm her physically, mentally, or emotionally. This is Alpha Chi Omega’s promise to you and your daughter. Each collegiate chapter signs a contract against hazing and demeaning activities on a yearly basis which is kept on file at Alpha Chi Omega’s headquarters. Membership in Alpha Chi Omega is an encouraging and uplifting experience, and we strive to give our members a safe environment where they can be themselves without fear.

Does my daughter have to look a certain way to join?

For a woman to receive a bid from Alpha Chi Omega she does not have to fit a stereotype. Alpha Chi Omega values individuality and looks for qualities that embody a real, strong, woman.

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